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Igork Padilla
Vor 6 Tage

Honduras, Santiago Puringla (La Paz)
September 23rd, 2023

Subject: Request for a visit.

It is of my greatest pleasure and consideration to grant me a request for a visit for Messrs. Igork Luis Padilla general manager of Mancile Café, Moises Arturo Valverth and Hector Mauricio Aguilar representatives of the association of coffee producers or the West to the facilities of the designated company.

If the visit is accepted, I would like it to be scheduled for next month on the day on which you see it as convenient. For any clarification you can contact my current phone number +504 94819009

In the same way, I request that you inform me of the security and presentation requirements that must be covered by the participants in the visit.

I appreciate the attention you have to give to this present and with this said, I say goodbye.

Sincerely: Igork Luis Padilla
Marketing representative Mancile Café

Moises Arturo Valverth
President of the association of producers or the West

Vor einem Monat

Guten Tag Herr Genc,

Ich habe eine Bestellung geschickt.
Ich weiß jetzt nicht , ob unsere Zubereitungsart passt. Immer Bialetti.
Bitte schauen Sie drüber und machen Sie es wie es am besten passt,
Marianne Leleux

Vor 6 Monate

Dear Eray,
Good day!
This is Kate from Golden Beans Coffee JSC (Shin Coffee). We are a Vietnamese coffee exporter, manufacturer, supplier, and processing exporting service. We have our own farm, own factory, own coffee shop, and own coffee-finished products.
We would like to introduce our coffee beans for export: Robusta comes from our farm in Trang Village, Gia Lai where we applied our farming technique: organic, with no use of chemical fertilizers, or herbicides. The quality of this product is Fine Robusta (higher than 81 point) which has some tastes like honey, brown sugar, dried tropical fruit, chocolate, and creamy. Suitable for medium roasting.
I hope it will be an option for you in case you need Robusta to blend or need a sample for testing.
Best regards,

Mergelmeyer Sonja
Vor einem Jahr

Lieber Eray,
Liebe Grüße von meinem Mann René Mergelmeyer/Doyma. Du hast ihn auf der SHKin Essen kennengelernt.Wir haben mit Begeisterung Deine Kaffee Sorten probiert. Können wir 500 Gr El Salvador kaufen ? Er ist nicht bei deinen Sorten aufgelistet . Mit freundlichen Grüßen Sonja Mergelmeyer

Vor einem Jahr

HI Eray,

I found your company through Beyco. As Mfutila Coffee we are the biggest exporter of Angola coffee. WE work directly with our farmers and export the coffee worldwide. Last year we opened our office in the Netherlands also. If you are interested we could send you our samples. It would also be nice meeting you and explaining our story since we have specialty coffee.

Kind regards,
Stefan Mladenovic


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